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Well back to our lovely story of Yura Hitomi and her office lover romance. As you might recall she and a co-worker have been very busy fucking after office hours. They meet before they head to their trains to go home each evening and they spend a few hours in bed fucking and sucking. It is a lovely thing they love to do to relax after a long day at work. But the other day her lover wanted his cock sucked there in the office. Yura knew this was dangerous and was not sure if she should do it but she was horny and his cock was right there in her face so she thought it would be fun and exciting to get a mouthful of hot cum down her throat right there in the office. This was a nice story but that was not all that happened that day. It seems that her cock sucking did not go unnoticed. Another co-worker happened to see the whole thing and he got really turned on. He also had a thing for her and she loves cock so much that he proposed that they also try some of this office cock sucking and he would offer up his cock so she could suck it. This sounded exciting to her and a bit dangerous so he pulled his dick out and she knelt down again on that same floor and slipped a new cock into her mouth. She of course is great at sucking cock so she did a great job but her co-worker came prepared with a sex toy and from there the sex got wild.

Date: April 10, 2024

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