My Neighbor’s A Lesbo!? – Honey Gold & Skye Blue


Honey Gold is letting her stay over until the mess gets sorted out. Skye is worried that this will be an inconvenience for Honey, but Honey assures her it’s fine, because she has to leave for work now anyway. It turns out that Honey is a dancer at a lesbian bar, which surprises Skye because she never realized that Honey is a lesbian. Later that day, Honey returns home, and Skye asks her how work went. Honey says that work was fine, however she was supposed to go on a date afterwards, but she got stood up. Honey is really disappointed by this, because now she’s horny and doesn’t have a date to help her out with that. She asks if it’s okay if she masturbates, because she needs to work out her frustration somehow. Skye is straight and has never seen a woman masturbate before, but she tells Honey it’s okay. Honey rubs her clit a little, but can’t seem to find satisfaction. She asks Skye to help her out by showing her pussy, so she’ll have something sexy to look at. Skye is surprised, but decides to help her out and removes her panties so Honey can get a good view. Honey likes the sight of Skye’s pussy, but still can’t seem to orgasm. So Skye decides to be extra helpful, and invites Honey to come closer and lick her pussy. That does seem to help Honey feel better, and eventually Skye licks Honey’s pussy in return. The world is a better place when neighbors help each other out

Date: June 6, 2024
Actress: honey gold / Skye Blue

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